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The PhD Course

The PhD Program in "Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage" is active for over ten years at the University of Florence. The PhD program belongs to the School of Science and is built upon a strongly collaborative and well integrated partnership that incorporates researchers from different Departments (Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Evolutionary Biology, Construction and Restoration) and other Institutions (like CNR, the Italian National Research Council) with multidisciplinary expertise.
The PhD Program's main goal is to give our students the opportunity to develop into motivated and enthusiastic "conservator scientists" who will elect a (hopefully) life-long career in application of scientific methods and techniques to proper planning of interventions for diagnostics, conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage.
Among the research themes developed in the three-years PhD Program one can mention:
• optical spectroscopy and imaging methods for diagnostics of cultural heritage;
• elemental analysis of artefacts using high energy radiation;
• nanotechnology and other chemical methods for the protection and restoration of Cultural Heritage;
• characterization, conservation and restoration of stone materials, alloys and metals;
• application of chemical physical, mineralogical and geo-biological methods to archaeometry;
• biological and biochemical methods for cultural heritage.
In 2011 a partnership was established with the universities of Pisa and Siena to develop a regional-based doctoral research program in Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage. The aim is to build up a network between the Tuscan universities with high-level research centers (eg CNR institutes) and other institutions and industries involved in Cultural Heritage, to promote the high qualification of young graduates through the activation of PhD projects in the field of science applied to the diagnostics, conservation, restoration and enhancement of Cultural Heritage. In 2011 the Tuscan Regional Government (Regione Toscana) has financed this project with No.3 scholarships.


Home page - Presentazione Dottorato - The PhD Course
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